Todd Duane Blog

Remix We Shall 

I have remixed my massive work "We Shall". This one has been tough! I wouldn't be surprised if I am still working on it later this week... the latest 24 bit version available on my audio page now!! *Update: I have again remixed and offered a 24 bit HD file on my site. (To listen to or purchase) I have also released the song for distribution.

New Song: Chaos 

Check out my new song "Chaos". Check my site for a 24bit version. Digital streaming services (iTunes Spotify etc) release in a few weeks. 


Been working on new songs. I have about 5 of them that I have abandoned. The latest one I have high hopes for. 

New song 

I have been working on a new song entitled “Don’t look back”. It’s a little bit heavier which is more to my liking. 

Benediction remix on Heaven Rocks comp 

Greetings! If you downloaded the Heaven Rocks compilation you’re welcome to the latest version of any mixed downs etc. that I add to the compilation. The cool part of selling material on my site is I can update mixes, add songs etc. 

Today I did a slight remix of “Benediction”. I specifically wanted the electric guitars a little bit louder. And then I ended up having to boost the drums. Which led to... 

Also noteworth, most of the remix files on the “Heavens Rocks” compilation are of higher quality. (24 bit vs 16 bit)