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SerVant Rocks! New remix of "Jesus, I trust in You" 

Back in 2019 I recorded my first series of vocal songs. It didn't get mastered and the mix wasn't very good. So I posted a new remix this week on my site. It rocks! Check it out- crank it up. I am using my '72 Marshall...Watch for the re-release on streaming media soon! (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon etc)

CD's available now! 

The CD's are in!! I will be shipping them immediately for anyone who orders the CD. See my music page to order.

Streaming the music won't be available until June 1st. Apple Music will have a special preorder page with one song available immediately.

Watch for a prerelease video of Supercalafragaridiculosous on my Youtube channel Fri May 21st. (see my video page for more details)

NEW Album release! 

I am releasing an Album of previously recorded music from the 90's. It is all instrumental from back in the day. Watch for the pre-release on iTunes this week! (Release date is June 1st)