Day 75 

Getting down to the last few weeks. No one would have predicted this Virus fiasco. That has made many things tough. Especially praising our Lord by going to Mass. (we can't) It hasn't made things easier with the Exodus 90 either. But like Jesus says, "Be not afraid". Trying to live in his Divine Will and not be afraid. If that is the case, there is no fear.

Pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy video. Link on my home page. Stay positive and in His will. Peace. Blessings.

Day 69 

Wow- didn't expect all this Covid-19 virus fiasco to come down the pipe during the E90. Thankfull for my E90 brotherhood to help get thru this. Today will be the first weekend w/out a Mass! This is incredible news. The last weekday Mass I was able to go to was last Weds. (today is Sat) I had an eerie feeling that it would be my last Mass for a while. Thankful for the opportunity. God is good. Fiat!

Day 48 

It's been great getting to know the group of guys in my Fraternity. We realize we're not in this alone. Of course God is with us, but here in the thick of things it's good to have some guys to talk, pray and hang with. We are more than half way through, and I can tell you some changes have become a way of life. Dare I say this is great?! I don't miss a lot of the things we have given up. I don't think I'll go back to them either. Others are still difficult for me but getting easier. What a cleansing! What a blessing! Pray for us sisters and brothers!

Day 14! 

I am so sorry I haven't been updating this page. We are now on day 14. It is going great, the guys love it. Including me the Fraternity has 5 guys.The most difficult aspect for me is the fasting. And when I do eat I tend to be gluttonous. (we are limited to 3 meals a day and Weds/Fri is a Lenton style Fast) The other men are finding freedom in their lives they didn't know they had. They are becoming closer to God and gaining their lives back from slavery to the modern world. Its all good! Praise be to Jesus.

Day 1 

It's about 3:30 pm CST on my first day. Pretty smooth sailing other than being hungry! It's going to be difficult to spread 3 meals evenly spaced throughout the day. I am going to be hungry. And that is the point isn't it!?

We have 6 guys counting me in the group. Very grateful...

Getting Pumped 

I'm getting excited to start the E90 (Exodus 90). I currently have only 1 fraternal brother, and hope for more within these last few days before startup. A few questions have popped up. 1) Isn't Sunday, the Lords Day, a day of rest? I think I've always relaxed on my Lent days in the past. 2)  Also it seems backwards that I have to use an app (although I am excited about the usefulness of the app) when I am trying to give up screen time. I did order the book, but its unavailable until early February.

Exodus 90 

I committed to doing the Exodus 90 this year! While I am very excited about what it will unfold, I am also apprehensive. Last year I decided NOT to do it based on the cold shower alone. So this year I have started the cold shower as a trial predating the Jan 13th start date. I am in 2 pre days now on the shower alone. Today after my 2nd shower I decided to trim my hair down to nothing. Maybe I am cheating?!