Exodus 90

I am participating in the Exodus 90 Spiritual exercise again this year. I consider my music a business so you will continue to see new release’s and posts up here. That’s if it is the Lords Will. Pray for me…

New song

Working on a new song. Here is the tentative cover after approval. 


The Catechism

2513    The fine arts, but above all sacred art, “of their nature are directed toward expressing in some way the infinite beauty of God in works made by human hands. Their dedication to the increase of God’s praise and of…


Found a few Electrocution 250 charts. Might post something here. Reply if any interest!




Spotify listeners check out my catalog of songs. I’ve been updating my “canvases” on Spotify for fun and exciting listening! Spotify example

New release

Working on a new release. Should be finished in a few weeks. A heavy version of:



Welcome visitors from around the world! Don’t be shy- say Hi! Check out the new release O Come Emmanuel on my audio page! Praying for you all!

New Song released on Nov 29

Let us bring the entrance of the season of Advent with the calling of our Lord to come. While there are an abundant number of covers of this familiar song, Todd Duane’s version brings forth an aggressive heavy rock guitar…