New song

Been working on a new song called “ Thinking of you”.  Putting the finishing touches on it this week. 
This is definitely a Holy Spirit driven song. It’s a slow 6/8 groove, which is not one of my favorite grooves…


new songs

Greetings! I have 4 new releases including the "Happy Birthday" song originally written for my sister's Bday. Check 'em out on your favorite digital media listening site! Todd Duane "Life in Me", "the Power of the Resurrection, and "Benediction". 3…

New song soon... shhhh

Surprise for my sister coming soon. Don't say anything. Release date 4/30/20


Day 84... 6 days left!

Unreal to be here with 6 days left. Truly blessed to go through this Exodus 90. I'll be honest and say I failed on a few accounts. But like Jesus who falls with his cross we get up and start…

Day 82

It’s been quite a season. The first virus I was affected by was the Catalina virus. When Catalina arrived my studio went into lockdown mode. Nothing worked. My drums wouldn’t sync to my studio; my plug-ins wouldn’t work. I resorted…


Day 80

Since the Exodus 90 only has 10 days left, I am going to continue this blog; but rename it. I will talk about everything; Music, Covid-19, guitar, God and life. 

I am on my first quarantine day here since I…


Day 75

Getting down to the last few weeks. No one would have predicted this Virus fiasco. That has made many things tough. Especially praising our Lord by going to Mass. (we can't) It hasn't made things easier with the Exodus 90…


Day 69

Wow- didn't expect all this Covid-19 virus fiasco to come down the pipe during the E90. Thankfull for my E90 brotherhood to help get thru this. Today will be the first weekend w/out a Mass! This is incredible news. The…


Day 48

It's been great getting to know the group of guys in my Fraternity. We realize we're not in this alone. Of course God is with us, but here in the thick of things it's good to have some guys to…


Day 33

1/3 thru the Exodus 90. Nothing but positive vibes from all the guys. We love it!


Day 14!

I am so sorry I haven't been updating this page. We are now on day 14. It is going great, the guys love it. Including me the Fraternity has 5 guys.The most difficult aspect for me is the fasting. And…


Day 1

It's about 3:30 pm CST on my first day. Pretty smooth sailing other than being hungry! It's going to be difficult to spread 3 meals evenly spaced throughout the day. I am going to be hungry. And that is the…