CD's available now!

The CD's are in!! I will be shipping them immediately for anyone who orders the CD. See my music page to order.

Streaming the music won't be available until June 1st. Apple Music will have a special preorder page with…

NEW Album release!

I am releasing an Album of previously recorded music from the 90's. It is all instrumental from back in the day. Watch for the pre-release on iTunes this week! (Release date is June 1st)


Praise with music

Someone has to make the music. Let us listen and rejoice in the Lord.  Let it be done according to your word. Praise be to God.


More on support ...

Remember when you purchase the  music directly from my site you get a higher quality file. It is a 24-bit music file as opposed to a 16 bit music file. That means it will sound better. Plus you’re supporting me…



Be sure to support your favorite artists by listening too and downloading their material. Check my stuff out on any streaming site. Spotify, Apple Music (my fave), Amazon music etc. Lots of them out there! I also have many YouTube…