Day 82

It’s been quite a season. The first virus I was affected by was the Catalina virus. When Catalina arrived my studio went into lockdown mode. Nothing worked. My drums wouldn’t sync to my studio; my plug-ins wouldn’t work. I resorted to transcribing my songs in Finale notation software. So I have a few songs all ready to record! Definitely an easier way to work out the harmonies when it is visual. It would be so cool to have notation locked in with ProTools. Sometimes when I record I am lost in the harmonies. Where am I and what have I already done!? Having them written out makes it easy. It’s visual and it makes sense. Young musicians, study music to the fullest. Learn how to read music and study music theory. Your ear will always be there to be the final judge. But don’t lack in all the resources available to make music. Do it. 

May the Holy Spirit lead and guide you on this day and all days.  May you and yours be safe. Give glory to God. 

PS-a few former students have requested Zoom guitar lessons. If your interested in this hit me up. I am discerning the idea.

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