Day 80

Since the Exodus 90 only has 10 days left, I am going to continue this blog; but rename it. I will talk about everything; Music, Covid-19, guitar, God and life. 

I am on my first quarantine day here since I got sick. Although I don’t have COVID-19 symptoms, my place of employment has suggested I don’t come in.  I started getting a pretty atrocious headache on Fri or Sat 3/27-3/28. (I forget) On Monday I started to feel nauseous with some slight body-aches; and that headache coming back now and then. I ended up coming home early on Monday; stayed home on Tuesday, and now it’s Wednesday. I felt like I could go in today despite reoccurring waves of yuckiness.

Despite all this, I was able to record a new song. It is called “Benediction”.  Benediction is a very beautiful prayer that the catholic Church uses for honoring Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament. Truly a beautiful prayer. As most of my songs start, I had the chorus melody and words with some acoustic chord changes. Once again I found the lyrics laying around in my studio! Probably because I had worked on that prayer as a song in the past; however unsuccessfully. (The same situation occurred on my previous song “the Prayer before the Crucifix"). I feel most of this song was delivered by the Holy Spirit. Truly a work of God’s grace.

Stay healthy! Stay positive. Get right with God! My blessing and prayers are with you...

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