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John Paul II

by Todd Duane

Released 2017
Released 2017
Christian Rock guitar Virtuoso Todd Duane new release featuring Jerry Babcock on drums.
Like Saint John Paul II, Todd’s song brings about passion. With one of Todd’s most simple but memorable chorus melodies, the song JP II takes you on a journey of melody, passion, heaviness, technique and elegantcial excitement. From the opening acoustic guitar song melody, to the Hungarian Minor tonality of the verse, JP II brings to mind Mozart, Malmsteen and Coltrane. The beautiful melodies are counterpoint to the chaotic technique 32nd note driven virtuosic solo during mid song. It capitalizes with a perfectly executed drum solo from Jerry Babcock’s extraordinarily quantized percussive mayhem. The song exits much the same way the song begins, with the haunting chorus melody performed on acoustic guitar. Like Saint John Paul II, this song will take you on a journey and never leave you the same as when you started.